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M.E.P.’s Fall 2016 Mega Prize Program has been especially well received...

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Mountain Empire Promotions held their annual Sales Meeting at the Carnegie Hotel in Johnson City last week, hosting the entire sales staff, vendors and office personnel...

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With Fall 2015 now in the books, we are happy to report a 9% increase in volume over Fall 2014...

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Our Spring numbers are without a doubt coming in stronger than last spring...

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Fall 2016

FallM.E.P. would like to thank all of our loyal customers for your continued support and partnership throughout the Fall 2016 and upcoming Spring 2017 semesters. We sincerely appreciate all of your past efforts and believe you will be very impressed and excited to be a part of our new lineup for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 as well.

As the economic climate dictates, we have witnessed a substantial progression from hard goods sales to frozen sales over the past few seasons. Given the State of the Union, we feel that trend will continue this Fall. However, we believe a more positive outlook is on the horizon, and we are fully positioned to continue our growth pattern into the next decade.

We THANK YOU again, in advance, for allowing us the opportunity to work with your school!

Fundraising in Today’s Market

Child FundraisingFundraising used to be a piece of cake: Sell a catalogue with a couple hundred items, offer a little prize brochure and everybody’s happy. Now we have to take that line a bit more literally. We may not be selling “cake,” but we are finding that food does sell better in a tough economy. People simply see better values in edibles than in hard goods. And, in bad times, people still eat!

This transition has been in the works for a few years now. Frozen foods are gradually overtaking the hard goods sales, and the numbers that are being generated are nothing short of phenomenal! Record sales are occurring on a regular basis (See Statz) with cookie dough & frozen foods.

In fact, we believe the product scale has now tipped to the edible side, at least for the immediate future. And, it is our responsibility as “Fundraising Consultants,” to recommend the best possible program for your school. Therefore, in this age of “Recession Fundraising,” we are recommending “Smoky Mountain Gourmet Cookie Dough” as our primary product line for Fall 2016.

A Proven Solution

Phyllis Hermantin, Bookkeeper
Moore Magnet School, Clarksville, TN

"Tiffany Joiner and Mountain Empire were a joy to work with. Your company (people & product) made our fundraiser the best ever! I will not hesitate to recommend your company to everyone I come in contact with."

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